Our infographic on the new structure of DG CONNECT

On 1 July, the European Commission adopted a change in the structure of DG CONNECT. This new shakeup includes the creation of a new directorate and units and a reshuffling of the Heads of Units. Some of the key changes are as follows:

  • No horizontal units - 01 (Internal Audit), 02 (Knowledge Sharing) and Task Force Legislation Team (eIDAS);
  • Media & Data Directorate has been split into two Directorates (G – Data; I – Media Policy);
  • Start-ups, Skills, Internet of Things, and E-commerce will have specific units to deal with these issues;
  • The unit on smart cities will be removed in favour of new units focused on smart mobility, e-health and e-government;
  • There is no longer a Digital Single Market unit but an entire Directorate covering it;      
  • Several units are being transferred to Luxembourg;
  • The administration and finance units in several Directorates are being centralised.

In addition to these changes, DG CONNECT is said it will reduce its staff by 95 persons (Full Time Equivalents) and reduce the number of units by 5 before 2020.

Please see below our infographic for a more detailed explanation on the changes. 

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