"Adapting your message to your audience", a session by Giles Keane

On 19 May  Acumen partner, Giles Keane, presented the 4th edition of the EurActiv Institute’s Yellow Academy series. The session titled - “Adapting your message to your audience”.

provides a chance for training and knowledge exchange in communications and lobbying.

The focus of the presentation was to help participants develop a methodology for messaging that is based on the target audience and how to get the target audience to develop an interest in your arguments and your position.

Acumen would like to highlight the three key takeaways when developing your messages:

  • Put yourselves in your audience’s shoes
  • Have easily understood messages
  • Make sure the messages can be adapted to different settings and formats. 

The EurActiv Institute’s Yellow Academy is a series of 7 workshops on EU lobbying and communication with a strong focus on case studies. Learn more about the Yellow Academy and register at: http://www.euractiv.com/ya

Click on the picture to access the video presentation of the session:

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